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Window Faux Blinds

window faux blinds

  • a transparent panel (as of an envelope) inserted in an otherwise opaque material

  • A pane of glass filling such an opening

  • An opening in a wall or screen through which customers are served in a bank, ticket office, or similar building

  • a framework of wood or metal that contains a glass windowpane and is built into a wall or roof to admit light or air

  • a transparent opening in a vehicle that allow vision out of the sides or back; usually is capable of being opened

  • An opening in the wall or roof of a building or vehicle that is fitted with glass or other transparent material in a frame to admit light or air and allow people to see out

  • The blinds are forced bets posted by players to the left of the dealer button in flop-style poker games. The number of blinds is usually two, but can be one or three.

  • Deprive (someone) of understanding, judgment, or perception

  • A window blind is a type of window covering which is made with slats of fabric, wood, plastic or metal that adjust by rotating from an open position to a closed position by allowing slats to overlap. A roller blind does not have slats but comprises a single piece of material.

  • Cause (someone) to be unable to see, permanently or temporarily

  • Confuse or overawe someone with something difficult to understand

  • window coverings, especially vertical blinds, wood blinds, roller blinds, pleated blinds

  • Made in imitation; artificial

  • Not genuine; fake or false

  • Fake or artificial

  • fake: not genuine or real; being an imitation of the genuine article; "it isn't fake anything; it's real synthetic fur"; "faux pearls"; "false teeth"; "decorated with imitation palm leaves"; "a purse of simulated alligator hide"

  • French word for “false” or fake to create an illusion of a 3 dimensions on a surface. A term specifically used in Faux painting.  Creating  a variety of surface areas that give you the illusion of texture or depth.

window faux blinds - 2 Inch

2 Inch Faux Wood Blind, White - 44.5 x 72

2 Inch Faux Wood Blind, White - 44.5 x 72

Where design meets functionality; this Faux Wood blind features a unique embossed wood grain texture that gives the appearance of real wood. While these blinds offer a classic look that will complement any decor, the slats are made form heat and moisture resistant material, making the blinds ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and garages. The slats will not warp or crack, and provide privacy when closed. Don't forget the energy saving value it can add to your home by providing additional insulation to your windows.

80% (13)

Bay window

Bay window

With the blinds open - can you see what's out there???

Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds

Faux wood, handing in our livingroom

window faux blinds

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